Taquin wall clock in terracotta ceramic.

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TAQUIN wall clock in terracotta ceramic.

Without numbers, the dial simply divided into four equal parts gives more to perceive the sensation of passing time. The needles seem to slide on the slightly inclined sides, blurring the regularity in favor of transience. In contrast with the materiality of the clock which is revealed by its deliberately exaggerated thickness, like a disc of terracotta which seems to be extracted from the wall surface.

It is this ambivalence that the name Taquin reflects: A strong presence in space at the same time as a relative imprecision in its function.
A mischievous, formal and lexical reversal, its title can also evoke the tac of the seconds and the crenellated border, almost mechanical, which cuts out the quarters of an hour constituting the surface of the disc and its rhythmic periphery.

The quartz movement is powered by a small LR6 AA 1.5 V battery (not included).
The clock is fixed to the wall with a hook and a dowel provided.

Weight 0,570 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8,6 cm
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